Self-help Genre: Coaching, Editing, and Ghostwriting

As a self-help book specialist, my strengths are content structure, narrative flow, and a voice that captures and holds the attention of your intended reader.

Whether you have a few pages of notes, a brilliantly articulated vision and purpose, a partial or completed manuscript, I will provide you with the skilled support and enthusiastic guidance to take your work—your idea, your dream, your book, your baby—across the finish line.


I advise and guide authors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and consultants on how to skillfully create books that position them as the go-to experts in their field.

The coaching work I do isn't just about writing. It’s also about concept, credibility, and value. I work with authors at all stages of their book, from creating an outline to a full manuscript evaluation.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing strengthens the impact and value of the manuscript you have invested with your time, talent, and effort.

I evaluate and edit four areas:  Concept, Content, Structure, and Voice. Sometimes the concept is compelling but there are holes in the content. Or the voice is strong but the structure is muddled. 

Ghost Writing

Once I have a clear idea of your vision, purpose, and audience, I develop a Book Plan, which includes a content structure with a detailed outline that guides chapter-by-chapter development.

Source material for your book may include audio transcripts, presentations, notes, previous drafts, interviews, and additional research.