Do you want to write a book that changes someone’s life?

A book written with a clear vision and purpose is the only kind of book that has the chance of changing someone’s life. It’s also the only kind of book that will interest agents, publishers, readers, and reviewers.


Since 2005, I have worked with publishers, New York Times-reviewed authors, literary agents, and self-published professionals, including a 2016-nominee for the National Book Award. For five years, I was story editor and contributor for Narrative Magazine

I take on self-help and non-fiction book projects whose purpose and value are clear and whose subjects are engaging and relevant to today’s world.

Book development is not just a job for me; I have a passion for bringing an author’s vision to the world. About my editorial services.

3 Steps of Writing Your Book 

There are 3 stages to writing your book. You get started. You keep going. You finish.

For most writers, it’s the keep-going part that is most challenging. In the get-started phase, inspiration fuels your pages—sometimes the words coming so fast you can’t even keep up with the flow. Hallelujah!

But the fire inevitably cools. (It happens to all of us.) You sit down to write and your brain rebels at the blank page:  “I can’t do this!” or “This isn’t working anymore!”

You open your email even though you promised for these two hours you wouldn’t.

Creativity is a fragile creature!

Like a cat under the bed, the more you encourage creativity to come out, the farther she retreats toward the wall.

But there’s more going on here than lack of creativity. Chances are you’ve lost touch with the passionate WHY of your book.  The intense connection to your vision and purpose you felt at the beginning tends to fade. You may even wonder: Why am I doing this?

There is a remedy. 

Stop writing your book. Create your Book Manifesto instead. When you reconnect to your source, inspiration and confidence arise naturally.

A Book Manifesto will empower you to:

  • Deal with the demons of doubt (bye-bye!)
  • Stay  connected to your vision so you can face the blank page with confidence
  • Understand (and be able to easily explain) what is unique and special about your book
  • Lay the foundation for your author platform.

So what exactly is a Book Manifesto?

A Book Manifesto is a brief but vital document that captures the passion, vision, and purpose at the source of your desire to write your book. If you don’t have all three, as any acquisitions editor or literary agent will tell you, you don’t have a successful book (fiction or nonfiction). And if you’re self-publishing, the same requirements apply!

The odd thing is a Book Manifesto will never see the light of publishing day yet it holds the power to unleash and sustain the inspiration you need to write the book you are truly destined to write.

 Create your own Book Manifesto.



Meet Sally Wolfe, editorial consultant and book coach. She’s incredibly insightful and refreshing to work with! She is an author herself and loves working with authors as they craft the vision and then coach them through the process.