“Writing has always been something I dreaded. But working with Sally made it possible for me to create an e-book I am proud of--and it's been a real boost for my consultant practice!”
-Kimberly Schehrer, Educational Consultant, Why Motivation is not Your Teen's Problem

Do you Need Someone to write your self-help book for you?

For ghostwriting projects, I start with a Book Development Plan which ensures that the author’s expectations and goals will be met as near as possible. A plan defines the key elements: concept, content, audience, structure, length, voice, and style. 

I create the structure and text from the ground up, using a variety of source materials, including notes, audio files, course material, speeches, and presentations. I am also skilled in deriving content from live interviewing.

The cornerstone of your self-help book is a strong Introduction and Table of Contents. These two pieces establish the key appeal and identity of your book, from which the rest is developed. Keep in mind that these two pieces are also what most Amazon customers read before buying.