“Thank you so much, Sally, you were crucial to the process of this book!
You’re a fantastic editor and I’m so grateful!"  
Stacy Wakefield, The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory


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As an editor and ghostwriter, I focus on story first and writing second. Authors often reverse the two and the impact of their story suffers as a result. Download How to Hook Your Reader.

As coach, I collaborate and contribute to the author’s Creative Process at the level of story idea, development, and structure. I believe the three-act structure is a sound way to build a story, whether you’re a first-time storyteller or a ten-book veteran.

Editorial Programs

It’s been my experience that most authors benefit from short, intense periods of editorial collaboration within clearly defined goals

For example, an author may come to me after being advised by an agent that her story’s premise is excellent, the writing is good, but the plot points need to be clearly delineated to create a stronger arc. (A strong arc is what engages readers!)

So I’ll work with the author in a 6-week coaching series of Plot Development. We’ll hash out and redefine the plot points to create more impact and engagement, from the inciting incident through to climax and resolution. Then the author makes the revisions and resubmits the manuscript. 

Other custom programs for fiction include:

Manuscript Evaluation.  A 10-page report evaluates essential areas of a standard-length (50-80,000 words) manuscript with recommendations:  Story Idea, Protagonist Dilemma/Goal, Inciting Incident, Plot Points, Character and Scene Development.

Developmental Editing. Line-by-line editing that focuses on the key dynamic elements of story:  how the action rises and falls, the consequences; and how the characters react, respond and grow as the story unfolds. 

Analysis & Consultation. Often authors have specific questions and areas they want evaluated and I will propose a method for examining those areas and suggesting options.

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