Writing the best book you can write and completing it is one of the most fulfilling adventures in life.

I regard it as a sacred calling to help you tap into your vision and bring your wisdom into the world by writing the book that only you can write. 

This is a big book. IT’S BIGGER THAN YOU. 

It holds the power to change lives. 

When you create a book, you create an experience.

How do you know if your book is big?

It is singular.

It is too big to hold.

It violates expectations.

It doesn’t conform.

It can be easily understood and shared.

It makes an impact!

It solves a problem.

You can’t handle it. It often overwhelms you.

You can’t see it all (because it’s so big!) You get a glimpse of it from the mountain top.

It holds you; you don’t hold it.

It has the potential to change people and peoples’ lives.

Please share about the BIGNESS of your book--what scares you and what excites you about it?