It's a Leap Year for Writers

(Things Writers Tell Me)

“I know I have a great idea but I’m afraid to get started. What if I won’t be able to actually capture it on paper?” 

“I wrote 50 pages last week but I don’t know how to put it all together.” 

“My manuscript is in a coma.”

 The Voices You Don't Want to Hear

Would you rather scrub the tub or scroll through Netflix than risk arousing the voice that says, “What if I can’t write my book?”

Yeah, that voice, the one you thought you dealt with but still keeps rearing its anxious head.

Is there another voice—that sounds like a teacher or parent maybe—telling you you’re not good enough?

That your subject or story has already been written by people smarter than you? That you don’t have the time or the talent? Or the persistence needed?

Here's the truth.

The more passionate you feel about your book, the more important it is for you to write and finish it, the stronger the CRITICAL VOICE will emerge and try to bar your way.

You are a writer. Your goal is to become an author, so listen up.

Consider taking the Book Manifesto course. The course is not for everyone. It’s not for writers or professionals who are looking for an easy way.

It’s not for the writer who says: “I think maybe I’ll write a book.”

It’s for the writer who knows that it is their destiny to write the specific book that burns inside them. That writer is eager for a tool that can help them make the leap to other side: The Book Manifesto.  A proven process that can free them to write with authenticity and power. (I developed this process out of my work with authors--fiction and nonfiction--during the last seven years.)

So get ready to deal directly and powerfully with what is blocking you, to connect to your core, where your passion, vision and purpose live, then CLICK HERE.

I’m not going to ask you for your email.

I’m not going to ask you to like my page.

I’m not going to ask you to share the offer with your friends.

What I am going to ask is this.

That you be honest with yourself and give the Book Manifesto process a serious try. That you have faith in yourself to do the thing your soul has already decided upon.

About the Course

The course uses the Inquiry Method. The inquiry process is a method of asking questions and listening for answers and insights beyond the first, quick reactions of your “everyday” mind.

The insights and vision you need to create your book are held in your subconscious. Questions function as a prime for the pump, and like the old-fashioned pump, it takes a bit of patience to bring up the good stuff!

For example, when you ask the question, “What is the Passion (or Vision) that's driving me?” you may get answers like:

1) I already know it is, I don't need to ask the question.

2) I'm not sure.

3) I already know it is, I don't need to ask the question.

4) It's none of my business.

Resistance is Normal

Like me, you may encounter resistance as a matter of course when shaping your idea or story. I always run into impatience and judgment as a part of that process, especially if the answers I’m looking for are important to me, and they usually are.

Your everyday awareness always seeks to protect you and prefers to stay in a “scanning” mode rather than a deeply focused one, especially about questions it doesn’t immediately see as valuable or thinks might be uncomfortable or threatening or unanswerable. It has to be nudged. 

So exactly What is a book Manifesto?

A Book Manifesto is a brief but vital document (think “blueprint”) that defines the 7 key elements of your book. When you create your Book Manifesto, it’s like architecting your book’s DNA.

First, it gives you a map that tells you where you’re going and WHY. It’s the basic blueprint of your book’s purpose, content and structure.

Second, your Book Manifesto establishes your author brand by defining the UNIQUE VISION of your book.

Third, and most importantly, a Book Manifesto is intended as a process of discovery, inviting you to enter your “source” story, where the deepest, often unconscious, motivation for your work lives. Your willingness to enter this territory is what will make your book authentic, fresh, and compelling.

As you go through the 7 Modules, you create your Book Profile in a step-by-step process, working from the core center of Passion, Vision and Purpose to the outward, more tangible layers of Title, Content and Structure.

Authors often start this process in reverse and the result is a manuscript that lacks a unique, signature voice (or no voice at all). Voice is what makes your book stand out and connects to your reader. Voice is that unique element that only comes when you are connected powerfully to your vision.

You ready?