What does it mean to write from Your core? 

What’s in it for you, as an author?  

The short answer? It will help you write an inspired book and write it faster.

I was talking to a room of writers last week about the difference between the “everyday” mind and the “core” mind. 

The everyday mind quickly scans the surface of reality—the way you’re probably scanning this article  right now.

When you’re in your core mind, you are deeply attentive. Whether you’re skiing down the mountain or visualizing the scene you’re writing, you are fully receiving and processing thoughts and feelings. Sounds and sights are vivid.

You’re having a core experience because you’re at your core. You’re connected to your deepest self. 

Some people call this a “peak experience.”

It’s where you want to be when you write.

At this point, a writer in the audience raised her hand.  “Is that really possible?”

“Oh yes, it’s more than possible,” I replied. “If your goal is to tell a story (fiction or nonfiction) that makes a true impact, that touches another human being, it’s a necessity.”

If you’d just rather keep plugging along (on the surface), then this approach won’t be of interest to you.

That’s fine. It’s not for everyone.

But if you have an important message or story to tell and a yearning to tap into your deep vision and purpose, the place where the barriers of self-doubt and fear melt away—well, then I invite you to explore a process I've developed in my seven years working with aspiring authors, called a Book Manifesto.

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