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>> Get on the right track now and finish your book in record time

>> Find out if your concept or idea is coming across the way you intend

>> Get a true picture of your strengths and weaknesses so you can connect powerfully with your audience

Dear Author,

I get it.

You may not feel ready. It's never easy (and a little scary!) to have your work evaluated. 

But here’s the thing. Your goal is to reach and transform your audience with your expertise. Learning your strengths and weaknesses now will save you considerable time and frustration later. In fact it will put you way ahead of the curve.

I can't tell you how many times authors submit a book proposal or manuscript only to receive this feedback from an agent or publisher:  

"Strong premise and subject but the material, as written, is not easy accessible to the reader."

Note the key words: "as written."

You say you're going to self-publish? The same standards of readability apply. The success of your book will depend on your ability to engage your reader where they are, not where you are.

So don’t wait until you’ve finished your manuscript to get the guidance of an editor or book coach. 

Your success starts now!


What does Author Insight™ cover?

                 Ready to dive deep?        Create Your Book Manifesto!                                         D  OWNLOAD

                 Ready to dive deep?
Create Your Book Manifesto!                                         DOWNLOAD

 So you're writing a self-help book?   Get the    “ 7 Archetypes of Self-help"                              DOWNLOAD

 So you're writing a self-help book? 
 Get the 7 Archetypes of Self-help"


THE PROMISE:  What is your promise? Is it compelling and specific?

THE BENEFITS:  Is it clear how your method, solution, or approach achieves the desired results and key benefits your reader is looking for?

AUDIENCE:  Are you speaking to a specific audience? Is it obvious who that audience is?



VOICE:  Are you writing in your natural (authentic) voice?  Is the tone friendly yet authoritative? 

IMPACT:   Is your content very clear? Do you lead with the benefit? 

ECONOMY:  Do your sentences tend to be long and convoluted or simple and easy to follow? Do you use strong nouns and verbs, and minimize repetition? 



PUNCTUATION: Do your know where the comma or quote mark goes?

SENTENCE STRUCTURE:  Do you vary your syntax?

USAGE:  What common usage mistakes trip you up? Do you know your "its" from your "it's"?