"Sally has a wonderfully soft yet penetrating communication style that is empowering. I appreciate her enthusiasm and sharp intelligence. She helped me to trust myself whenever I had doubts and showed me the importance of focus and a strong structure that appeals both emotionally and logically."

–Cynthia Copple,  forthcoming,  The Ayurvedic Secret to Restoring Your Vitality in 30 DaysE-bookWhy Weight Loss Isn't About Weight

"I'm a doctor and need ongoing professional help with critical, creative editing for books and course materials I've written. Sally's work is clear, clean and precise - she edits my material, getting inside my mind & messages and merging them perfectly. I continue working with her!"

-Dr. Michael Koplen, Doctor of Chiropractic, Author, How to Professionally Refer Clients

“Sally went above and beyond! The editorial feedback she gave me for my recent e-book was both artful and insightful; she has a knack for seeing beyond the surface matter and probing your words to get to the meat of them. She asked the right questions and red-flagged the weaknesses in my text with precision. The final result is an end product that I can be truly proud of. I can’t recommend her services highly enough.”

T.O. Weller, Writer and Teacher, Never Too Late To Write

“Before working with Sally on my e-book, I had no idea what the process of creating an e-book was. Sally recommended I select excerpts from my forthcoming book, Kissed by Fire, and helped me decide. She was really attuned to the book's message and her expertise enhanced it greatly. I appreciated her clear guidance.  I very much enjoyed working with her, she understood my concerns and goals, and with her capable hands brought forth the best. I highly recommend her services!”

-Dr. Nicola Amadora, PhD., Psychologist, Author, Bread & Chocolate  www.nicolaamadora.com

"Do you want the secret to your child's success in school and beyond? Rod Baird, veteran high school teacher, tells us the truth of it in Counterfeit Kids, but the truth may be hard to swallow. Swallow it you must if you want your high schooler to succeed in the complex 21st century."

Lisa Dale Norton, Author, Hawk Flies Above: Journey to the Heart of the Sandhills and Shimmering Images: A Handy Little Guide to Writing Memoir 

"Sally has edited a number of projects for me, and I appreciate her professional but very personable communication style. She is a perceptive editor who digs beneath the surface. Her thoughtful suggestions about content, voice and flow were instrumental in my publication process."  

-Hillary Easom, Writer, www.hillaryeasom.com

“Thank you so much, Sally, for all your hard work—you were crucial to the process of this book! You’re a fantastic editor and I’m so grateful!" "Stacy Wakefield’s debut novel is a quirky intersection of the individual, society, and compromise. . . Wakefield’s characters maximize the verve and tenacity of youth."

Stacy Wakefield,  Author, The Sunshine Crust Baking FactoryReviews

“I am not a writer. In fact, writing has always been something I dreaded. But working with Sally made it possible for me to create an e-book I am proud of--and it's real boost for my practice! What I learned was:  First you define your content and decide on your structure, then you write. No more overwhelm!"

-Kimberly Schehrer,  Educational Consultant, Author, Why Motivation is not Your Teen's ProblemE-book