My book manifesto was the most important document I ever wrote.”  J. Hodgkiss


Are you ready to write your book but aren’t sure how to get started? Or maybe you’ve made a start but can’t seem to get past your first chapter or outline.

Create your Book Manifesto and write your best book in record time.

Your Book Manifesto captures your Vision, articulates your Passion, and defines your Purpose, while fulfilling three important functions:  

  • Provides you with a map so you know where you’re going and WHY.
  • Invites you to enter your “source” story where the deepest, often unconscious, motivation for your work lives, and
  • Forms the basis for the creation of your author brand

Ready to write the book you are destined to write? Stop spinning in circles and unleash your book with a Book Manifesto!  Tap into your full vision so you can ignite your audience for transformation.



Are you ready for insight into your manuscript that will help guarantee the success of your book? Whether you have 50 pages or 250, the Author Insight program will put you on track to write a book that gets the attention it deserves.

Author Insight™ is the right program for you if you want to…

  • Find out if your subject or story is engaging your audience and if it’s not, why
  • Get a true picture of your strengths and weaknessesso you know where to focus
  • Pinpoint organizational and structural problems that keep you from a being a pro
  • Identify your top 3 issues of content and craft so you can boost the impact and clarity of your message or story. 

If you are serious about writing a breakthrough book that helps people transform, a book that doesn't get lost among the thousands of books published every year, then you need Author Insight™.


Are you ready to complete your manuscript and take it to the next level? Get the skilled support and enthusiastic guidance you need to cross the finish line.

Imagine that your reader has looked through your Table of Contents, read the first page or two of your Introduction, and has now decided to learn from you—and buy your book!  You as the author have a responsibility to make it as accessible as possible.

Does your title meet the proven 3-criteria rule used by publishing pros? Do you deliver on the promise of your title?

Does your structure help the reader anticipate the solution to their problem? Are your sections and chapters logical and well-named? 

Are your chapters balanced in terms of overall length and content? Are your subheads leading?  

My role as editor is to empower you to leverage your strengths and leap across your deficiencies so your manuscript absolutely sings!